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Moxielash Magnetic EyeLiner

Moxielash Magnetic EyeLiner

Magnetic Eyeliner?

The Simplest Solution to Applying Magnetic Lashes that ANYONE can use.

Odds are you have seen an ad or a video about magnetic lashes.  While magnetic lashes solve a lot of application problems of glue on falsies, they have been known to be a real pain in the butt to put on.  They are safer and less messy than glue on lashes, but trying to get tiny magnets to click together in the right spot on your eyelashes has caused more than a few nervous breakdowns.  If you have shorter lashes, trying to attach magnetic lashes can be very frustrating.  Finally, there is a solution to this problem!


Magnetic Liner Works!

Applying magnetic lashes using magnetic liner is simple.  It’s the same process as putting on eyeliner.  I don’t know why it took so long for someone to finally figure this out!  Thankfully there is a company out there that is listening to the millions of women who have been frustrated with the glaring problem with applying magnetic eyelashes.

You put on the magnetic liner with a brush.  Depending on just how much eyeliner you normally use, you might want to put on your favorite eyeliner first and then draw your magnetic liner on right above the lash line.  This will allow the magnets to connect to the top of your eyelashes and not your eyelids.


How strong is the magnetic liner?

Just like normal eyeliner, the magnetic liner goes on in a thin line over your eyelashes.  Since most magnetic lashes are lightweight, the magnetic liner is strong enough to hold your lashes in place all day.  The added benefit is that if you accidentally knock the lash out of place, you can simply take it off and put it back in less than a minute.

You can remove the liner with soap and water, or makeup remover.  It is designed to stay on all day, so you don’t need to keep reapplying during the day.  Just like any eye makeup, we do recommend caution when applying.  Don’t put the makeup directly in your eyeball.

Is Magnetic Liner right for you?

If you have been struggling with magnetic lashes and still want that Instagram Model Look, but don’t want to spend hours doing your makeup, then it is worth testing out.  If you are tired of losing your real lashes because of glue on lashes and other eyelash extension procedures, then this could be the solution that you have been waiting for. Moxielash Magnetic Liner is the real deal.

Please note, if you have some sort of allergy to magnets or certain metals this might not be the solution for you.  Fashion is great, but if you know that you will have an adverse reaction to magnets then it’s not worth it.


Share your thoughts!

We would love to hear more about your experiences with Magnetic Lashes.

Jocelyn Thompson – The Woman Behind My Epiphany LA

Jocelyn Thompson – The Woman Behind My Epiphany LA

Our Fave Fashion Female of the Month!

Introducing Jocelyn Thompson!

She is the creator of Epiphany LA.   Epiphany LA is an insert company based out of California.  These inserts can be used for practically anything, but are designed to help you get better lift, push and support in either your sports bra or bikini top. Her product is great for women with just about any bust size, and these inserts can be used over and over again.

Are your bathing suits letting your girls down?

We all know the frustration of making our girls look great in a bathing suit.  Most of the inserts out there are not designed properly and cause a number of different visual “side effects.”  If you have every purchased a cheap insert, you know what I am talking about.

Jocelyn had an “epiphany” after trying a number of different inserts that she purchased to use on a trip.  After the disappointing experience of trying them all on, she went ahead and designed her own. These pads are soft to the touch, but are not flimsy at all.  They support the girls just the way you want them to, and can be rolled up or folded into an actual bathing suit.  This helps you avoid having them slip out of place, because they are inside the suit.

You can watch how to use Epiphany LA Inserts here.

Solving Bra Insert Problems

In her own words, “The best companies always start from real people solving real problems.”  I know that a lot of you ladies out there could easily solve a number of problems with these inserts. Not only do these inserts work great in bathing suits, they are amazing in sports bras.

Every piece of clothing fits different, and these inserts are the optimal solution for making sure your chest looks and feels as confident as you are.

Check out some of the pictures below.

Jocelyn Thompson has most recently been added to the cast of “Married At First Sight – Honeymoon Island” starting in October 2018.  I can’t wait to see what happens on this season. Make sure you check it out as well.

Thanks for reading, and make sure you check out Jocelyn Thompson’s company Epiphany LA.  I would love to hear your feedback on the bra inserts.  I know they’ve helped me out a TON!